Shamanic Energy Work

How would it feel to live at your highest potential?  Pretty good I bet.

I know first hand how that feels to let go of those bag of bricks and live your life from a place of power, passion and purpose.  When I was finished with cancer world I discovered energy and how certain energy affects the body and mind.  Our energy is delivered by our thoughts and experiences that we have experienced in this life and even in past lives.

There are two types of energy:

Anabolic energy helps us grow, have a strong immune system and

Catabolic energy is toxic and the feelings of hopelessness, disappointment and high levels of stress may result.  These emotions of doubt, anxiety and low self-esteem get trapped in the body—which may give birth to disturbing health consequences.

Shamanic energy work addresses the cause of what is disturbing the client by looking at their Luminous Energy Field (LEF).  The LEF is the energy field outside of the body—this is the location of the chakras.  Shamanic Energy work looks for imprints of trauma that are stored in the LEF and removes them which results, for the client, with increased well-being and a feeling of peace and empowerment.

Ready to get over that baggage that keeps you feeling stuck, tired and lost?

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Shamanic Energy Work helps you let go of behaviors that are holding you back from achieving the quality of life that you desire.  Here are the many benefits that one can achieve from working with Cindy:

  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Awaken your connection to God, Source, Universe to your purpose in life
  • Improve physical and emotional health in mind, body and spirit.
  • Understanding on how to increase your personal power
  • Get clarity on where you want to go in your life
  • Strengthen will power over addictions and retain your power

It all starts with you!

When you invest in YOU Big and bold things happen

Get what you want out life | Let go of addictions and the things that hold you back | Improve physical and emotional issues that keep you stuck | Strengthen your immune system | Be an active participant in your life

Shamanic energy work is a 4 session commitment (in person, phone or skype) anytime over 3 months.

Are you ready to let go of those the things that hold you back?

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