Keep your mojo flowing… 10 ways to win at the game of life

Just to be clear:  You design your life by your thoughts and direct your passions to live a meaningful life.  Living with mojo means you are always moving in a direction that empowers you to grow.  You are moving away from victim thinking—what could go wrong today, to mojo thinking—what kind of possibilities are going to present themselves today?

When we internalize these mojo principles, we get in the flow of life and have a new awareness on how great and powerful we are—and when that happens nothing can stop anyone from achieving a wow-factor kind of life.

1.  Everyone is either a teacher or a student

All the people that come into your life are there to help you grow and learn.  Therefore, everyone you meet has a specific purpose that is aligned with having you reach the highest consciousness you are able to reach.   And you know that PIA, (pain in the ass) that person is your BIGGEST teacher!  Pay attention, because if you don’t learn the lesson, another one will be back until you get it right!

2.  There is no wrong or right

It’s impossible to make any mistakes.  If we are all operating under the belief that at any given time we are making the best decision we can for that particular situation.  If things don’t turn out the way predicted, instead of saying, I made a mistake, ask yourself, what is the lesson I can learn from this experience?  Think about situations in your own life, whatever you’re regretting, did you think to yourself, I am making a mistake here?  We think we are doing the best we can under the circumstances that we are under.

3.  Each one of us is perfect and unique

We are not damaged or broken regardless of what we think, say or do.  We have a higher conscious self that is directly tapped into God, Source, Universe and guides us to be the best “self” we can be.   If we come from God, God doesn’t make any junk—and you are not junk.

4.  You already know all the answers for yourself

Everything you need to know to can be easily accessed by tapping into your higher conscious self.   You can trust your intuitive voice and receive guidance freely.  I see this everyday in my coaching business, when I ask those empowering questions; the higher self always knows the next step.

5.  Life offers neither problems nor challenges, only opportunities

When we label something a “problem” we are creating fear and keeping us stuck and stagnant.  When we see only opportunities, we are open to living an amazing powerful life.  There is a Chinese character that is the same meaning for chaos and opportunity—they know that problems are opportunities in disguise—looking at it from the eyes of fear it would be chaos, looking at a situation from the eyes of love, it is an opportunity—take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way!

6.  All experiences are opportunities for growth

It’s always a choice if you want to look at the cup half full or half empty.  When we look for opportunities through challenges we break out of our comfort zones and discover a whole new world to look at our life.  We find that everything we do can give us exercises to stretch and grow.

7.  Life is a perfect adventure; a game that cannot be won/lost, only played

Our thoughts create the world we live in and so what if our thoughts created a wonderful world for us –filled with success, joy and happiness.   When we get into the flow of allowing the Universe to create this—life is very enjoyable and fun.  We find that things fall into place, and we are amazed at the opportunities in front of us.

8.  We are each here for a specific purpose

Everyone has a specific commitment that they agreed to before they were born.  We are all part of the big puzzle of life and each of us holds a special puzzle piece no one else has.  The key is to discover what that purpose is and here is a hint, our purpose is always connected to our passions, the very things that bring us happiness in life.

9.  Energy attracts energy

The Law of Attraction states that similar energies attract each other.  Like attracts like, and you are the artist and your life is the blank canvas.  Our energy can be like the stock market, going up and down all the time, when we are up, things are easier and we are more in the flow.  The opposite can be said when we have heavier energy and things are slow and sluggish—whatever you do, if you are in this funk, don’t start dating someone when you are in this low place—two low energy people getting together results in victim and anger energy—not to much fun.

10.  The greatest freedom is the freedom of choice

Remember that you always have a choice.  When you forget this you become a victim to life’s circumstances or to life itself.  Choice is the freedom to see things as we desire, feel what we want, and live as we create our lives to be.  And if at times this seems to complicated and you’re not sure which direction to go, a great question to ask yourself is “Is this in my best interest?”  This question will always lead you to the higher road.

Final Thoughts

These principles help to keep us in a higher vibration and into the win-win type of energy.  There might be some principles that you don’t agree with at this time, and that is fine.  I would suggest picking one and applying it into your life and seeing how that works out for you.  Another way is to journal on the principle and write how you can implement this into you own life.

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