Drop that crap and tell a new story!

Welcome to the first blog on this new and awesome website!  I want these writings to be helpful and the best thing I can tell you to make the biggest improvement in ALL areas of your life is to drop your old story and tell a new story—and make sure you’re the hero in the new story.

What do I mean by drop the “Old Story?”

Have you ever asked someone ‘How are you?’, and then got an earful about all the crap that has been going on in their life?  Or have someone explain why their life sucks so bad because of Disaster #1,  Disaster #2 and so on….  When problems are your identity it’s time to make a new identity.

I don’t mean to diminish anyone’s pain or hardship, I understand being a cancer survivor of surgery, chemo and radiation—sometimes life does suck.  However if the problem is over 5 years ago—even 6 months ago—I have a problem with it because you are stuck in your story and probable not going to change it.

The best way to live an optimum life—this means a life where things are going your way and you’re on the go train to success—your story is compelling, has a wow-factor and you are living with power, passion and purpose.

In Shamanic history the “great serpent” teaches how to shed the past by growing a new skin.  I have seen within my own life as well as clients you know physically when you’ve outgrown your story, you might feel tight, like you want to bust out and be your optimal self—very much like shedding that old skin and grow into your new skin—aka  a new story.


Think about your story, what parts do you need to let go of?

In your own story, are there places that feel heavy and keep you stuck in a rut like you’re wearing cement shoes?  As you know, our thoughts create our world, what we think about is what shows up in our life.  If your story is about a victim that never gets what she wants, unfortunately, that is exactly what shows up in your life—someone that gets screwed and never wins.  In the words of our current president, “sad.”


How to let go of that old story…

If you don’t like the way things are going in your life, it’s time to tell a new story. Here are three simple questions to answer and shift you into action and move forward to success.


What do I want?

What could stop me?

What action am I willing to take?


What do you want?

Getting clear on what you want is important because the more specific you can be on your dreams and desires, the more specific the Universe will give to you.  I encourage my clients that want a new job, new man, new house, etc. to make a list of 1 to 100 and put in specific characteristics of what you visualize this new “thing” to have.  The more specific the better and clearer you become.

If you don’t know what you want, you won’t know where to go.  You need this to know what your next step will be.  Another choice if you don’t have a clue what you want is to make a vision board or check out Pinterest and start making folders of things that interest you.

What could stop you?

The biggest thing that could stop you is–you!  That’s right, if you let that little voice in your head run the show and you listen to things like,  You should be, you must do, you have to,” etc. and not following your higher conscious self.  Pay attention to who and what is talking in your head!

Another thing that might stop you are toxic people that might be still hanging around.  Find the courage and strength to limit your time with these energy vampires and keep your battery charged if you must have dealings with them.  Remember, you have the choice to give away your power, they can’t take it from you without your permission.

What happens if the obstacle is to great for you and you feel like you’re wearing cement shoes because you are not getting anywhere?  You must turn to your support team or your board of directors and ask for help.  Your team is made up of people that love and support you and have your best interest in mind—not there’s.  Another option is to hire your support a coach, a therapist, etc.

What action am I willing to take?

To move forward, you must take action and make it something that you are able and willing to do.  For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds a realistic action would be to walk 30 minutes every day.  Be specific! Also, make your action step something that fits your time and energy and you are motivated to make it happen.

Another step is to write out your daily action steps the night before.  This helps to organize your morning and you know exactly what action to begin your day.  Also, writing out your steps the night before allows the Universe to get things in motion—while you are sleeping, the Universe is getting your day ready for you.

Final Thoughts

You can do anything you desire; there is nothing that can stop you—except you.  You create your external world by what is in your internal thoughts.  Trust in yourself and you will achieve greatness.  When you find yourself at crossroads, take the path that is in your best interest.  Never give up and be fearless with your tenacity to achieve your dreams.  And always, on this path to living a life with success, help out others that would benefit from your strengths and talents.

Cindy Giles

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